Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hmmmm.... TSA involved in truck checkpoints??

This article is over two months old (via comments by someone called pc  here)  but I don't remember reading anything about it.  Apparently local law enforcement folks in Douglas County, GA, are working in conjunction with the TSA  on an operation the intent of which is "...deterring would-be terrorists or criminal activity."  Of course they did this during rush hour, causing already hectic Atlanta traffic to become even more snarled.

So the TSA, already has employees in action searching trucks.  What's next, a full-body pat down for getting on the toll road??

Monday, November 29, 2010

Power grabs on a whole bunch of fronts

The federal government is really going for the gold in this 'lame duck' session.  While Americans are being (rightly) distracted by the TSA's invasive and counter-to-4th Amendment searches, other branches of the already huge bureaucracy are gobbling up more of our freedoms and are poised to do more.

The Department of Energy, claiming a 'mandate' to force a market transformation on household appliances through issuing higher standards on the efficiency of those appliances.  They already started in April and are really planning on transforming the use of appliances by the American public.  They are also hard at work on Smart Grid technology were all things that get plugged in will have a chip and will then be 'approved' for use (or not) by the Smart Grid  (why am I translating that as Skynet ala Terminator?).

Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security is seizing website domains (those that enable the download of copyrighted music and those that sell designer knockoffs) without any suit being filed or other preliminary court action.

Also, the FCC is set to take over the Internet without any authority whatsoever and despite the fact that the DC circuit court has already ruled that the FCC has no authority in this-- all of this under the supposed aegis of Net Neutrality.  The only reason they are trying it now is because the Republicans have not yet taken over the House.

A final grab is housed in S 510, proposed by Sen. Durbin and will take over and potentially choke out small farm agriculture and hobby farms while putting unfunded mandates on the FDA, the CDC, and the EPA (whose costs will be passed along in the forms of fees to the rest of the farmers who they will be screwing with all of this).  This will add another level of bureaucracy to an already overloaded system and will ensure that absolutely nothing gets done except for 225 new pages of regulations that, like fungus, will expand exponentially over time.

January cannot come soon enough.  As long as the Republicans remember that they are there conditionally--if they fall into the old habits of creating more government or don't follow the mandates of the American public, they will follow their Democratic brethren right into the unemployment line.  It doesn't matter who they are.

ETA:  Can't forget about the Dream Act, dreamed up by our own Dick Lugar (link on 'who they are' above).  Not a power grab, but the beginning of amnesty for illegals.  I don't mind it for those who served in our armed forces but don't think that citizenship should be granted just for going to college for two years--not even graduating, mind you (and probably having it being paid for by taxpayers).  It died once when the Senate still had its Supermajority, but hopefully now with Mark Kirk in place, it'll die again for the last time.  Thanks to GrumpyUnk for reminding me.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maybe they have it backwards....

The House republicans coming in are thinking about putting a moratorium on all of those commemorative bills that fill up the legislative calendar and keep our legislators from actually doing stuff like reading the healthcare bill, reducing government interference in the lives of the American public (like reining in the TSA), or you know, making those Bush-era tax cuts permanent until they can actually cut the tax code to a pamphlet. 

Now this moratorium is a great idea (and I hope they follow through), but here's one that might be better.  Have Congress ONLY pass commemorative bills, except for a greatly expurgated budget that only deals with roads and the military, and get the hell out of our lives as much as possible.  That way they can give pretty speeches and make everyone feel good and can't do anymore harm to free enterprise and businesses in the US.

Himself says that a Heinlein model might be better.  A simple majority makes a bill go away but it takes at least a 2/3 majority to pass it  (see The Moon is a Harsh Mistress for details).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've got a lot of things to be thankful for, and I am, every day.  I have a partner with whom I laugh, use extraordinarily long words in conversation, and share a sense of humor, reading preferences, and hobbies (oh, and he's also a Renaissance man and a fantastic cook who prepped Thanksgiving dinner before going to work a full day today). 

I have family and longtime friends that I can count on, no matter how long it's been since we've talked.  It's great to just pick up the phone and it's like we talked yesterday.

In the past year, I've made new friends in the blogging world that have become friends in the flesh and they enrich my life as do the other friends I've made.

I've got cats and a dog who everyday bring smiles to my face.

Truly the blessings outweigh anything else, and that's pretty good, IMO.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

ETA:  And I'm grateful that I live in the greatest country in the world.  I think the American people are starting to realize that freedom and liberty should not be given up for a little bit of safety and that bigger government is not the answer.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh HELL yeah!!

This is what the country needs more of... people standing up for themselves.  If more people called others out on rudeness (or flashing their penis' on the subway) while throwing in a nice dose of humiliation for the person perpetrating the act, I think these things wouldn't happen as often. (via Advice Goddess)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gee, Al Gore now thinks that ethanol subsidies are bad....

Moreover, he admits that the only reason he supported them was to pander to farmers in Tennessee and Iowa when he was running for President.  One now wonders how much of his other 'green-ness' was additional pandering to get the hippy/green/ecology vote?

Og put me in mind to watch Highlander..

This is a good clip with the original score.  I just wish youtube had the scene from Boston Common.  Clancy Brown was definitely at his over-the-top best in this movie.

Monday, November 22, 2010

So.... where the heck is Bono in Ireland's hour of need?

Ireland's economy has gone down the tubes and they have requested bailouts.  Instead of the approximately 1% of Bono's charity proceeds going to supposed third world countries (instead of into the pockets of the charity's employees), he should change gears and take care of his homeland.  If he doesn't, he's the ultimate hypocrite.

So, our reactionary TSA is doing exactly what the bad guys want

Apparently an Al-Qaeda affiliated magazine is touting the 'Death by a Thousand Cuts' to the West.  By doing small-scale terror attacks, like the Underpants Bomber or the printer cartridge bombs, they force reactionary governments to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on screening, equipment, etc. plus the cost of lost revenue from travelers not traveling. 

They have to totally be laughing their butts off watching pictures of 3 year olds being felt up, amputees and grandparents being humiliated, and rape victims being forced to endure intimate groping by a stranger.  Of course with lobbyists like the Chertoff Group and its connections to both Homeland Security and the companies building the backscatter machines, the spending is exacerbated.

The nanny states of the West--the US, Germany, England, etc. are chasing shadows instead of just taking low-tech, low-cost methods and letting everyone take their chances.  Nothing in the world is going to stop someone who is thinking small target and is willing to die.    Let government worry about the big stuff and quit walking on the liberty of Americans and let us stay alert when we travel.  We'll do the profiling, even if government doesn't and those around us will be safer for it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What I'm learning without having cable/satellite TV

We are doing an experiment in our household--can we live without all of those channels??  What happened is our service started crapping out on us and the provider (and I use that term loosely) was going to charge a MINIMUM of $15.00 to come out and look at it.  Himself and I talked about it, looked at other service providers, and decided to try to go it using only the digital converter box that we had to buy when all service switched over last year.

I watch a lot more TV than Himself, so it was really going to be more of a trial for me.  But I did some investigating and I can get the couple of shows that I really want to watch (necessary prioritization) on the Interzwebz.  Other than that, I have to admit I keep the TV on mainly for background.  With the digital converter, going wireless is not as severe as it would have been back in the day of three channels plus PBS.

So I was wondering if I was going to end up curled up in a small ball whining because the only thing on was Merideth Viera on the Today Show (can't STAND Matt Lauer and crew) when I discovered the MeToo channel.  I watched Magnum, PI, Hart to Hart, Perry Mason, Bonanza, Charlie's Angels and TJ Hooker.  Much better than my usual Friday fare.  But I noticed some things and learned some things by watching these 'nostalgia'  shows.

1.)  Tom Selleck just exudes nice.
2.) Johnathon and Jennifer were actually pretty kinky (lots of cosplay)
3.)  I don't think that Raymond Burr can smile
4.)  I really like shows that have a moral, even if they have to hit you over the head with Hoss' hat
5.)  Farah Faucett's hair was REALLY good and the fashions of the time really weren't that bad (even if only two percent of the population could pull them off)
6.)  William Shatner's acting style is eternal.

I think I can deal with having no pay provider......

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Assertion of States' Rights while getting rid of the TSA!

Over at Coordinated Illumination, there is a video of the New Jersey legislature performing legislative theater--begging the federal government to call off their dogs at the TSA.  Since at this point the use of the TSA is optional (per the original federal legislation), why don't the States start passing some laws requiring airports within their borders to punt the TSA and institute private screeners??  It's a great double whammy--asserting States rights as well as getting rid of a government agency that has overstepped its bounds by trampling the Constitution.  It would be a nice 'in your face' to Napolitano as well as the socialists who are trying to grab power on several fronts.

In addition, I did write to my Representative asking him to support HR 6416, the American Travelers Dignity Act, which essentially removes the immunity of the TSA from prosecution for taking naked pictures and/or physically assaulting members of the flying public.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Follow the money: Backscatter machines and Homeland Security

I'd heard something about this yesterday and Himself and I had discussed parts of it, but Nikki over at Liberty Zone has such a way with the snark that you should read her whole blogpost here.  It seems that the former head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff,  has a consulting group (it's how bureaucrats reap the benefits of their 'public service').  That group has a client that just happens to manufacture those get-you-nekkid-in-the-airport machines.  Gee, and that client company also happened to get a pretty big chunk of stimulus money too ($25 million).  Per Chertoff's bio on wikipedia here, it seems that his consulting group employs a whole bunch of Homeland Security folks as well as the former head of the NSA and CIA, Michael Hayden.

Now call me cynical or maybe I'm just reading this wrong, but I would think that what we have here is not a failure to communicate, but instead we have a BIG 'OL conflict of interest due to the incestuous nature of Washington DC.  Additionally, per the Washington Examiner, one of the early purveyors of the nekkid machines is a company who employs as one of its lobbyists, a former deputy administrator for the TSA. 

Lest you think it's just the 'R' side of the aisle that's in this mess, the companies hedged their bets by hiring folks from the other side to also lobby for them, such as former Rep. Bud Cramer (D, Alabama), who sat on the House Appropriations subcommittees for both Defense and Transportation.  It's interesting that Mr. Cramer, after a successful career in the House, announced that he was not going to run for another term in 2008, which freed him up for his new gig.

So we've got Napolitano basically doing her version of 'let them eat cake' by telling the American public that they can either submit to the machines or walk, we've got folks who formerly held her position lobbying for the companies that build the machines, and we've got former Representatives stumping for the machines as well.  Hmmmm...  I don't think that the safety of the flying public is their first priority, do you??

So what's the deal about Katie Couric? Google hits galore....

I've had a slough of google hits for people searching for Katie Couric and her unwashed comments.  Stands out on my sitemeter since I'm just a baby-blogger anyway.  Very odd.  Maybe her employer is actually looking to see what we great unwashed actually think about the elitist bint.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA--I think they are a visible symptom of the public's problem with government

Himself has been rocking the TSA roundups with these links here (via Walls of the City), here, here.  It's amazing how, with a leader (or leaders) people are coming out of the woodwork to protest, to complain, to draw a line that says that in this, the government has gone too far.   ETA: You should really read this piece over at MArooned.

It still makes most of them sheep, since they wouldn't have started this on their own, but like Rick Santelli and the Tea Party movement, all they needed was someone to stand up and say that it's okay to question and to not have fundamental rights taken away arbitrarily.

Starting with Michael Roberts, pilot in Memphis who refused to go through the scanner, to Jeffrey "The Resistance" Goldberg, to John "Don't Touch my Junk" Tyner, people are starting to stand up and assert their rights in the face of Janet "Big Sister" Napolitano who is trying to keep the veils over the eyes of the American public by saying that this security theater is for the safety of the public and if you don't like it, you can take other transportation.

Problem for her is that the cat is already out of the bag.  The American public is watching the watchers much more closely now than in the past and we aren't accepting at face value what they are saying.  The Government is being questioned and they don't like it one bit (hence their intended 'investigation' of John Tyner for not completing his manhandling (or would that be handling of his manhood).

The thing is, this TSA stuff is just a symptom of what the Tea Party hopes to correct--extreme government intrusion into the lives of American citizens.  The fact that our tax money (and boat-tons of it as well) are going to pay for the dissolution of the Fourth Amendment under the guise of 'safety', shows what happens when administrators and bureaucrats are allowed to make rules and regulations carrying the force of law without any input from the people, without any checks at all.  As far as I know, federal bureaucrats don't have to take an oath like Congress does 'to defend the Constitution'.  And it shows.  But reactionary intrusions that take away our rights is something that needs to be brought to heel, and quickly.  The new Congress has its work cut out for it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Called it in one....

We happened to have the news on when Obama announced that he'd 'almost reached an agreement with the South Koreans' on a proposition that would create 70,000 jobs.  Right then I knew he'd blown it.  You don't announce ANYTHING until it's a done deal and you've got the signed paper in your hand.

Considering that Obama's foreign policy is being run by the Amateur Hour, did anyone actually think he could walk out of this with something substantial?

Called Lugar's office

He's on the fence about voting for the earmark ban.  I let the nice man who answered the phone know that I want the Senator to vote for the ban, that it's the first step in sending a clear message about less government spending and said that if he didn't, he's not likely to make it through the next election.  This website has the scoop.

German Pirates leading the Protest

Didn't really expect this in Germany but it's good.   The Pirate Party in Germany mounted a protest against full-body scanners by stripping off and going through the airport.  No full Montys or anything (don't want to be arrested before you get your point across), but enough that the point was made.  Maybe Tam can add it to her list of ways to deal with the security kabuki theater going on at American airports.  'Cause if you're nude going through the line, what are they supposed to do then?  (via Breitbart)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sometimes you just don't know--heroes are found in the most unlikely of places

In my office there is a lady who works part-time for us.  She's unfailingly polite, smiling, and just a real nice lady (about my age).  She's as wide as she is tall.  Today she was wearing a "I Proudly Served" hat.  So I asked her if she is a veteran.  As a matter of fact yes, she served in Navy during Operation Desert Storm.  She talked with obvious fondness about training, about how she was able to meet up with friends while stationed in Italy, and about her fear when she was in harms way.  But she was proud and I was proud to be talking with her.  I thanked her for her service and for keeping us free.

You just never know and I think that my recognition of her service touched her as much as the fact she served touched me.  Made it a real good day.

Remembrance and Thanks on Veterans' Day

Himself says it better than I can, but I want to add my words to his.  Thank you to my ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War and helped to bring this country into being.  Thank you to my grandfather, Killed In Action in WWII.  Thank you to my uncles, who served in Korea and Vietnam.  Thank you to my brother, who served in peacetime.  Thank you to my sister, who served in Iraq at the hottest spots and at the height of the war there and who still serves.

Every day, I strive to remember and to act in accordance with the principles for which my family has fought and died.  They have all, through their service, tried to make the world a place where freedom reigns.

Thank you to all the veterans who have put their lives on the line to safeguard our way of life and our freedoms.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trashcare, Fountain Hills Arizona

So, the HuffPo and the MSM, in yet another attempt to make the Tea Partiers look funny and weird, in that "crazy aunt" kind of way, post an article about those crazy kids and how they are making a fuss because their city is taking over trash collection.  And friends of mine on Facebook took up the meme.  And truly, if all you read was the HuffPo article, which said: 
..."Fountain Hills Town Council proposed hiring a single trash hauler and starting a curbside recycling program. On Thursday, a divided council approved the changes -- currently there's no mandatory recycling program and residents can choose from five haulers -- but not before the local Tea Party activists loudly objected to what they viewed as, essentially, a step toward socialism."...
you might think that the protests were a tempest in a teapot.  However, what the article does not say is that the folks in Fountain Hills, Arizona, all privately contracted their waste removal with the five different companies in the area--the city was not previously involved in the trash removal business other than mandating that it be twice a week or once a week plus a recycling pickup once a week (Town Code Chapter 10).

What actually happened is the city passed an ordinance making it illegal for citizens to privately contract with the waste hauler of their choice by mandating that citizens use the city's chosen contractor AND mandating that citizens recycle.  And, oh yeah, they'll be poking through 25% of the populace's garbage to ensure that things are getting recycled.  (Hmmm... a government entity requiring that individuals purchase a service through them....  sounds oddly familiar somehow).  Read it at the link above.

In any case, after I tried to correct the Facebook meme, the comments I was getting back were along the lines of 'well if it will save the town money..' and 'recycling is good so it's worth the loss of a bit of freedom'.  And I'm just dumbfounded.  These are not dumb people.  But they can't see that a town intervening itself into what was previously private enterprise PLUS incurring enforcement costs is not going to ultimately save the town any money.  Nor is mandated recycling since I believe right now the going rate for pop/soda cans is $0.11/POUND (corrected from ton, thanks to Himself), which means that just transportation costs are more than what the product is worth.  So they must be getting subsidies, which puts it onto the backs of the taxpayers again.  So maybe it is saving the town, as an entity, money, but not the citizens of the town.  Oh, and to reiterate, recycling was available before, it was just optional.

And then there is the whole mindset that it's worth it to have people poking through your garbage because it's going to 'save the planet'.  These are the same people who are slamming on John Shimkus for his belief in the Bible.  What really is the difference between a belief that Mother Gaia will get angry and destroy us if we don't recycle and a belief that God already did once for being really bad?

With the rate that I'm pounding my head against an ideological wall with these folks, I'm hoping that Himself laid in a good supply of spackle for wall repair.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So I tried to put Mom's mind at ease....

She had a bit of a cow over the picture of my backside with a firearm on it saying that people will take it badly since they are scared of guns.  I pointed out two things to her--1.)  unless she points out to people who read this blog that I'm her daughter, they won't know it's me; and 2.) from Og's comment, they were looking at my butt and not my Sig anyway.

I don't think I put her mind at ease.......

Monday, November 8, 2010

How email use is the bane of back-room politics

Looks like Harry Reid's campaign might have been indulging in some illegal back-room shenanigans with Harrahs' casinos in order to get that unexpected jump that put him over the top for the win.  At his campaign's urging, Harrah's put the lean on their employees to get out there and vote... Democrat, especially Reid, only.  Not surprisingly, Harrah's was apparently putting the screws to folks who were reluctant to usurp the electoral process by voting a Reid ticket.

What is nice, is that there's an email trail a mile long.  Even the DoJ could follow this trail, if they bother to.  I certainly hope the regular citizens of the good state of Nevada make their displeasure known, loud and clear.

Via the Washington Examiner.

And to Obama and his ilk, we're still just dumb....

In an interview on 60 Minutes, Obama (again) blames the drubbing that the Democratic party took last week, on the fact that he was so busy ramming stuff down the throats of the American people using shady and illegal means that he forgot that he needed to use small words and make 'an argument that people can understand'.  (ht: Paul Rahe at Big Government).

Seriously, this is all he can come up with?  That we're not capable of understanding his genius and his vision and he just wants what's good for us and that we're responding like recalcitrant children by refusing to take our medicine (I mean our Health Insurance Reform)?!?

Same meme, different day for Obama.  The American people are speaking, loud and clear, but he refuses to acknowledge reality or do what a good leader will do-suck it up and take the blame.  Maybe even change course to match the will of the people.  That's the problem when you've got an academic with no real world experience trying to operate in the real world.  There's going to be a disconnect and it's painfully obvious that he just can't catch the clue bus, even when it's stopping on Capital Hill.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Range Day!

Went to the range yesterday with Himself and M to get some recoil therapy and work on dialing in my new Sig P238.  I have my new Stoner Holster (which I got, custom ordered in less than a week, to my door) and it totally rocks.  Fits perfectly, the placement of the belt clip puts the grip perfectly placed for my hand, holds the Sig firmly but it's not stuck in there.   (pics below)

While Himself fired in his new Llama (blogged about here), I began firing my new Sig.  I had two goals--get familiar enough with the firearm so that I can get 'em where I want 'em and seeing what types of ammo she'll eat.   I had to work on my trigger pull, with some patient coaching from M and just occasionally, Himself (it's better for a relationship to have a third party doing the lion's share of coaching, we feel).

According to the circle of shame (a poster on the wall with a circle and notes --if you're consistently shooting down/left check your trigger finger, etc.), I was pulling badly with my trigger finger (down and to the left).  After I got that corrected, and started coordinating the laser sight with the Night Sights I pretty much closed my groups in by half (just making a single large, ragged hole) at 21 feet.  I did have one flinching incident--jumping BEFORE I even pulled the trigger, which had M backing off the line because he was laughing so hard (and I deserved it).  In my own defense, I'd already put 200 rounds through and was getting a little tired.  But the Sig is actually a nice little gun to shoot, especially for a light .380.

M made me feel a little better by letting me fire his .45. I was only outside the black once (just outside) but it was only 21 feet also. 

So a very nice day, followed by an intensive firearm cleaning session today.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I need to look closer at Terry Goodkind, his latest work is most interesting

I'm reading his latest book, The Law of Nines.  The first two hundred pages are good, your basic dimension travel sci-fi/mystery.  As I got further in though, it's looking more and more like a political commentary as well.  Apparently Mr. Goodkind, in addition to having an unusual affection for the name 'Rahl' as used in his other books, is also a proponent of the 2nd Amendment and is a lover of freedom--his character speaks of those giving up their freedom and individuality for supposed security, etc..  Not terribly subtle as far as political commentary goes, but so far, as of the middle of the book, a pretty good read.  I might have to go back to the Sword of Truth series (which I stopped reading at Book 3) and see if there's anything I might have missed by not reading his later works.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama's India trip cost--seriously

After hearing the $200 million figure bandied about by reasonable sources as the cost per day for Obama's junket to India and a discussion with Himself (who is my reality check), I decided to do a little math and see what would happen if I translated dollars to Indian rupees.  Turns out that an Indian rupee is .022558 to 1 dollar.  That takes the $200 million figure to about $4,511,600/day which is much more in line with reality. 

Still, over the course of either a three or ten day trip (sources vary), the total cost for the trip is either: $13,534,800 or $45,116,000 which still lands this whole thing into 'let them eat cake' territory, much as Michelle's trip to Spain did due to buying out entire luxury hotels and such.   He's also taking the kids, which should be educational for them but kind of pulls this from a business trip to an academic conference/vacation kind of trip.

  I don't think either figure (mine or the others)  accounts for the lost revenue and problems in the city of Mumbai since they are going to have their major thoroughfares closed and will not have access to parts of their city (much like Obama's trips to Los Angeles).  I don't think that this will do much to endear him (or the U.S.) to the regular folks in Mumbai who are going to have to deal with traffic delays, re-routes, and closed businesses for the duration of Obama's stay there.

I just wonder if he's going to bow to the Indian Prime Minister and President  like he's bowed to just about everyone else.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election day postscript

As I commented to Himself this morning, I don't think that I've ever stayed up watching midterm election results before.  I was also as knowledgeable, in some cases, about the races in other states as I was about ours.  With the federal government's attempted and mostly-successful attempts to take over individual and state rights, I have started watching more on the macro-level, rather than just keeping an eye on local issues.

Echoing Himself (who says it all right here, much better than I could), we need to not get complacent.  Indiana is actually a pretty good place to be so it's easy to fall into bad habits and not stay aware of what the state and feds are doing.  But we need to stay on Visclosky, Lugar, and especially old guy/new guy Coats and make sure that they know that if they don't toe the line, this is the last ride for them (Lugar is up in 2012, I believe so hopefully he'll man up and act like he actually listens to the people of Indiana).   We also need to keep an eye on the state and local folks. The property tax cap passed, which I think is marvelous--if they can't get any more  money, then they'll actually have to learn to be good stewards of the money they do get.  Of course you know they are going to take this to the absolute limit so we'll have to keep County board folks on speed dial as well.

All in all, a pretty successful night for the GOP as run by the Tea Party.  New they'll have to work to keep what they've won because we're not going to get fooled again and I don't think we're going to be lulled into complacency either.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Election-Day post

As I'm reading through all of the blogs, news, etc. as well as listening to the sheeple with whom I work, a couple of thoughts come to mind.  Voting is a right and a responsibility, not something that comes in a TV dinner to your couch. 

If you can't get off your lard and get to a polling place, then I'm thinking that you're probably one of those who is just a taker anyway (unless you're really old or in the hospital or something, in which case there are reasons) and I'd be just as glad if you don't vote. 

If you don't look at each candidate, their record (if they have one), their stance on issues (not just one issue, but a total package), and look for the ones who best match your personal philosophy, then you are just as bad as those folks waiting for their turkey pot pies to be set in front of them. 

Sometimes your vote will come down to 'this one is a lesser evil' and that's okay.   Because you can subsequently put the lesser evil on notice that the only reason you voted for them is because they weren't as bad as the other guy and if they want your vote again, they need to prove why they are BETTER than the other guy. 

The problem is that Americans fell into the trap of 'better the devil you know than the one you don't'--fear of change (real change) and the unknown.

Well, now we've seen real change, from a free society to a socialist one and we don't like it.  It's time to pare down, cut back, and take back what is ours, not continue to fill the trough at which the federal government (and state government, and local governments) feed.

I commented to my sister this morning on the property tax cap that is proposed here in Indiana.  The way I explained it is that if we cap how much they can take, then they are going to HAVE to start spending smarter and making good choices instead of picking our pockets every time they want a new PA system for the soccer field. 

If we don't control how much they can take, they will want to take it all (like the proposal in England where all paychecks are sent to the government and then they dole it back to the people).

So my votes are going to the folks who have not been part of the problem.  It's time to zero-out what's been done and start over.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Philosophical thought of the day....

70% of what you need to know really boils down to knowing who to ask.  YMMV.

Another very nice weekend....

Despite the bother of having to go into work for a forgotten meeting on Friday (and it turning out to be a non-event), the weekend was quite lovely.  I got my Stoner holster in less than a week and it fits the Sig with the laser sight perfectly.  They also canted the clip (by request) which will definitely aid my draw.

Went to Nappannee on Saturday with Himself and a friend (blogged about here), had a great meal at the local Mexican joint, followed up by coffee and mellowing at home sorting out the gemstones from the $10 bag that we got for $5 by color.  Next sort will be wheat from the chaff but it looks like we've got quite a few of the more common gemstones--citrine, peridot, amethyst, and the ubiquitous blue topaz.  But there are a few genuine Linde stars (with the L on them to distinguish from other synthetic star sapphires) so we definitely got our money's worth, if only for the entertainment value.

I was treated on Sunday to breakfast in bed (a VERY rare treat and more appreciated as such).  Breakfast was corn pancakes (since I'd enjoyed the fried mush in Nappannee the previous day), along with extra-extra crispy bacon (just this side of flashpoint), and a Pepsi.   It was a good thing that I had such a solid breakfast because then the day kicked into productive mode:  finishing laundry, vacuuming (while Himself helped Friend spread dirt using Bobcats and tractors and all of the big toys).  Then fixing the leaf sucker and going to town on our yard until the oil plug sheared on the engine.  Since we could do no more on our yard, it was back over to Friend's place-- Himself hauled dirt using the tractor while Friend used the Bobcat to smooth the lawn.  I did traffic control and manual labor since we didn't have another tractor.  Friend's neighbor, while not quite as hapless as our Dumb-Ass Neighbor, had stepped into his house 'for a sandwich' and didn't reappear until we were almost done (an hour and a half later).  Since the Bobcat is $250/day, wasting that much time would not have been cool.

By the time he reappeared, however, the cold had started seeping into my core (the dog even wanted to wait in the car instead of outside) so we went home where Himself made some glazed porkchops and I made some of the Extreme Cheese Mac-n-Cheese, which I don't think we're going to buy again, because although it was nice and cheesy, the instructions call for the use of unsalted butter and fat-free milk.  So Kraft is seeing the writing on the tablets of the Code of Federal Regulations and is capitulating without a whimper.  Despite that, it was a nice end to a great weekend.