Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mike Rowe from "Dirty Jobs" speaks Truth

He went to Washington DC to try to tell members of Congress that those "dirty jobs" like those in manufacturing and farming and plumbing and electrical work should get more respect.  And he, IMO, is speaking truth although it's going to fall on the deaf and over-educated Ivy League ears of those in Congress. 

With pushes for higher education by the federal government and organizations such as the Lumina Foundation, the real jobs that keep this country moving, lighted, plumbed, and fed are denigrated in favor of entry level, cubicle jobs in some public service office somewhere.  I believe it's a subtle type of class warfare--trying to create an elitist class with worker drones (non-Ivy League and community colleges).

My dad (happy birthday yesterday... I hope your cards got there) is an electrician.  My brother is painter.  Both have done extremely well and give their families a comfortable life.   My sister was told, when interviewing for a job one time that her "blue-collar" background would serve her in good stead and would enable her to 'connect' with her patients.  Elitist indeed.

Mike Rowe is spot on when he says: 
I don't think the country is going to fall back in love with manufacturing and I don't think these policies are going to change, until or unless we reignite a fundamental relationship with dirt, work, and the business of making things, as opposed to the business of buying them.
And as long as folks in our government continue to tout the value one type of education (book learning) over vocational education (hands-on learning) and as long as the people believe them, we are going to have kids going into all kinds of debt trying to find their place in a cubicle when their skills might lie elsewhere.  And in time we'll have a populace that's completely helpless to do even the smallest "dirty jobs" themselves.


Brigid said...

I've always had a secret crush on Mike Rowe. . not I'm smitten. Well said!

Anonymous said...

While I don't understand how Brigid's crush on Rowe has anything to do with the article, we both respect (admittedly for different reasons.) Mike Rowe is spot is spot on that the "Dirty" workers don't get the respect they deserve. This is a power elite society, but we don't have to stand for it. The truth is that the dirty workers are here to "serve" the upper-class of society. The way the system works, the middle and lower-class are basically systemic serfs to the power elite.

Midwest Chick said...

Actually Anonymous, the Political Class' PERCEPTION is that the rest of us are here to provide them with our money to redistribute as they see fit for their pet projects. The major push by the Tea Party is to cut the power of the Political Class and their attempts at regulatory takeovers of the American people by the Executive Branch of the federal government.

And I'm with Brigid, Rowe rocks!