Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just give me three steps..... Katie Couric and her Tapdance for the Great Unwashed

We here in flyover country are used to being denigrated by the effete snobs from either coast (effete:  from :  –adjective  1.lacking in wholesome vigor; degenerate; decadent: an effete, overrefined society. 2. exhausted of vigor or energy, worn out: an effete political force. 3.unable to produce; sterile) but Katie Couric, that poster child for the eliterati everywhere, really takes the cake. 

She was so excited to get her boots on the ground in such exotic and off-the-beaten-track places like Philadelphia, Boston, New Brunswick, and (gasp) even Chicago that she blathered on (along with Rick Kaplan her executive producer) about making contact with the "Unwashed Masses" and really getting to know what we, the little people, think.  The only problem being that we unwashed masses take umbrage at being called derogatory terms by elitist pseudo-intellectuals.

Maybe I'm being unfair, middle class society is indeed middle for a reason.  In France we were the bourgeoisie (please see how that turned out here when the ruling class went too far).  So perhaps the parallels are not so far-reaching for the new Gentry/Political class and their hangers-on and lapdogs.

What makes the whole thing funny is how she tries to backstep (in our household we call it 'doing the dance') to try to mitigate the damage caused by her unguarded and ill-thought out words.  So after confusing Boston, New Brunswick, and Philadelphia with the 'heart of the country' (to be fair, Chicago is, geographically, but not politically), and touring them in order to 'divine the the mood of the midterms' via conversations with the 'unwashed' (One wonders if she was obliged to bring a translator in order to communicate with the lower orders?), she then tweets the following when called on her 'unwashed' reference  (via Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller--the snark is great in his article, you should read it):

It's interesting that a 'reporter' such as herself, would go with the most pared down definition of the term and would not be familiar with the connotations associated with it.  It's no wonder that with people like her as the former gatekeepers of information that more of us ordinary folks now head to the internet for our news and that the MSM is going the way of the dodo (or of Louis XVI if they stay this course).

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