Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gun Show and Blogmeet--Part 1, the Gun Show

Himself and I had a pretty busy weekend.  Out with friends on Friday and then up before the crack of dawn after a couple of hours of sleep and off to the Indy gun show with the mighty and indomitable Og and the quiet yet witty and knowledgeable Partner.  We got Og into the Prius (which he commented was like the TARDIS--bigger on the inside than on the outside so only entrance and exits were problematic) riding (appropriately enough, shotgun), myself and Partner safely ensconced in the back seat (along with a box of Munchkins kindly provided by Og) and Himself behind the wheel, and off we went.   Only one quick stop for Chick-Fil-A in West Lafayette (love their breakfast but we usually go by on Sundays when they are closed) and we were at the show.

Og and Partner went in search of collectibles and esoteric firearm accouterments and Himself and I wandered off with our list in hand.  I had in mind trying to find a Sig P238--an alloy frame .380 that would be more easily carried than my Kel-Tec PF9, but is heavy enough that it won't be as uncomfortable to shoot as a plastic frame .380.  After a conversation with a young man who did his best to dissuade me from my thoroughly-researched goal (he gets -10 for salesmanship since he really thought I needed a Kahr, no matter what I thought), I found what I was looking for, complete with a laser sight, night sights, and aluminum grips at Z-Guns for a fantastic price (I was looking at the basic one and Chad pointed out this one with all of the extra goodies).  After that purchase, it was over to Stoner Holsters--they didn't have a holster that would fit the Sig with the laser sight, but will make one and get it to me within a couple of weeks (maybe sooner).  (As an aside to the FTC, I just buy stuff from these guys and like them and get nothing for free so bite me).  Himself found some magazines, a belt, and  Stoner Holsters for both he and a friend.

After those purchases, it was off to the blogmeet for some good conversation, good food, and much laughter.

To be continued........

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