Monday, September 20, 2010

Definition of hypocrite....

So I wander through Breitbart's sites pretty much daily and there were two articles side-by-side and the content I found to be kind of interesting.  The first one, about Obama leaving "By Their Creator" out of his recitation of the preamble of the Declaration of Independence, came just before an article about the Obama's actually getting off their duffs on a Sunday morning and going to church

I listened to the video at the first link very carefully and I think that they skipped over quite a few words in the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence precisely so they could skip over "Creator" without making it look too painfully obvious to the average 6-month old that they were trying NOT to use the word Creator. 

I also thought it was funny that he emphasized the word "Mexicans" in his speech since at the time of the writing of the Declaration of Independence, Mexico was not a nation (didn't happen until 1821).  He was pandering to the Hispanic Congressional Caucus, so it's not surprising that he would bend history to his own purposes.

But back to the subject at hand....  he spent so much trouble trying to avoid directly quoting the Declaration of Independence that he had to do some fairly interesting verbal gymnastics but yet, he and his family decide to go to church (for the sixth time since taking up residence in the White House). 

I mean we all know that it was to show that he's not a muslim (see, I set foot in a church so I can't be muslim), but c'mon.......  put the two things side by side and all it equals is at best a hypocrite and at worst, a liar.  For the record, yet again, I don't think he's a muslim now, but I do think he was raised that way in a foreign country and it has had the effect of him non-bonding and having no true feelings towards this country.

Just when I think that I couldn't get more disgusted, he does stuff like this......

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