Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And the word of the day for the Republican National Committee--"Irrelevant"....

Irrelevant or some variation, that's what I'm hearing on the radio and that's what I'm reading on blogs when there is a discussion of the RNC's reaction to O'Donnell's victory in the Delaware primary yesterday.  The RINO Republican National Party is making itself irrelevant.  They are no longer the gatekeepers or the power brokers where candidates in the past needed to kowtow and supplicate on bended knee in order to gain the funds necessary for campaigning.  As they say in the South, the RNC is "showing its ass" to the rest of the country with its temper tantrum and its statement that the RNC would not support the Republican candidate chosen BY THE PEOPLE instead of handpicked BY THE RNC.  And Mike Castle is showing his total lack of class by not congratulating his opponent in a battle well fought.  What a bunch of whiny pouty babies.

All I heard this morning on the radio were people who are planning on, or have told, the RNC that they are not needed and that the people would directly support the candidate(s) of their choice, not those chosen by the RNC.  That the RNC is no longer necessary to get candidates of the people elected.

As a cautionary note, I think that Christine O'Donnell should not take any money from the RNC, even if they "relent" and offer it to her.  With the outpouring of support from around the country, I don't think she'll need it (her campaign contribution page does accept VISA).

As for the RNC, Mr. B said this morning "if you choose not to be representative of your party, then you've become irrelevant."  And by trying to maintain their perceived power base over the expressed wishes of those they are supposed to support, the RNC is going to fade into history without a whimper.  Good riddance to them.

ETA:  I sent her $40 ($20 each from Mr. B and myself).  Why??  Because I (we) want to put our money where our mouths are.  An additional thought from another conversation with Mr. B--if the RNC does not at the very least OFFER O'Donnell the money donated to the National Party for the purpose of electing candidates (I still do not think she should take it if offered, at this point), then they are essentially misappropriating funds and should be treated like any other thief.  Maybe they didn't./don't think she will win, but that's not their call, really.  The voters of Delaware picked her as their candidate and the party should respect and support that.  Otherwise, what good are they?


dick said...

Kelly and I sent her $100 late last night.
That was fun, wasn't it?

Midwest Chick said...

It was indeed!! I heard this morning she raised over $250,000 yesterday. The gatekeepers are no longer necessary... must scare the crap out of them.