Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Remembered

For my generation, those moments when those planes full of passengers were deliberately crashed into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and those heroes who took control over their lives for just long enough to save who knows how many others are our defining moments.  Just as our parents and grandparents remember where they were when JFK was shot, I don't think that anyone can forget the events of that day--the horror, the incomprehension, the blank stares of those around you as we watched those Towers melt into dust--as we watched the bodies hurling out of windows as those people attempted to save themselves or get away from the flames.

I was in Boston--the people around me were calling friends, family, loved ones--was anyone flying out??  Where were they going?  Were they ON THOSE PLANES??  First the thought that it was a horrible accident--some plane off course.  Then the realization that it was deliberate.  Civilized minds trying to comprehend acts of absolute barbarity.

We have to remember that feeling, we have to remember those who will kill innocents for their religion and their god, we have to hold onto that horror so that we don't forget, so that we don't let those who would perpetuate such acts celebrate their terror merely because WE ARE and because we will not bow to their beliefs and change who WE ARE to meet their 8th century ideals.

There are those who would have us forget, who would negate our anger by calling us bigots and intolerant.  There are words on the television this morning about 'interfaith love and understanding'.   These are blatant attempts to change our feelings, to make us feel small for our righteous anger.

But as long as there are those who would do us harm, merely because we are not them, because we will not change our lives to bow to Sharia law, because we feel that honor killings, female genital mutilation, the stoning of homosexuals are barbaric and have no place in a civilized world, then we must stand firm.  We must hold to those feelings of this day, we must not be lulled into false security by those who feel that dhimmitude is preferable to freedom.  We must REMEMBER!

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ETA some more: 

Ed over at Atomic Fungus has this to say:
"Here's the thing: we don't care who you worship or how as long as you're not causing anyone any harm. You want to be a snake-handler? Go for it. You want to take off your clothes and dance around a bonfire in the woods on Beltane? Have a good time; make sure to wear some mosquito repellent. You want to worship Bob in search of ultimate slack and achieving gut blowout? Hey, this is America; we have freedom of religion here. You leave me alone to practice my religion and I'll leave you alone to practice yours.

You want to fly airplanes into office buildings and kill 3,000 people because your holy writings command you to kill, subjugate, or convert all unbelievers? Um...we have a problem, here."

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