Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reciprocal blogging goodness--Big Dick's Place

Mr. B pointed out that I've been added to the blogroll at Big Dick's Place.  I'm The Midwest MILF over there.  This is totally cool for a couple of reasons 1.) because I read his blog all of the time (just never at work because I don't work in a porn shop--link NSFW) and 2.) we've never met in person, but he's put me in the MILF category based solely on my writing/mind.  And that makes me feel pretty good.  I've been meaning to add him to my blogroll, so now he's on the sidebar.


dick said...

I need to stick up Mr. B's link as well.
Do you prefer him on the top or bottom? (of your link)

Midwest Chick said...

Gee that's a tough decision.... Top or bottom?? I guess behind isn't an option?? I think I'd like him on top (of my link).

Midwest Chick said...

Or under is fine too..... :-)

dick said...

he's put me in the MILF category based solely on my writing/mind.

As long as you believe that.

og said...

I know Dick, and I know you, so you know Dick by default. Wait.... that just sounds wrong.

Dick is the Real Thing. In spades. And Kelly rocks.

Midwest Chick said...

Og: Let's just say I don't know Dick the way you know Dick but now we both know Dick.... Doesn't sound any more right, does it??