Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He may not be a muslim but he sure is an elitist pig.....

Mr. B pointed out the Brian Williams interview with Obama the other night, knowing that some of the issues raised are some that I've ranted about before.  As I watched the interview and they got to the point about the Pew survey (which I firmly now believe was deliberately designed, question-wise, to make the American public look like dolts) and how, according to that survey, a growing majority of Americans feel that Obama is muslim, hearing his dismissive non-answers about that and the ever-present birth certificate issue just about made my blood boil. 

Do I really care about his religion?  No, no I don't.  And I don't think that the majority of Americans do either......  Except if his religion (the religion/culture in which he was raised/imprinted, not the one to which he now professes) is shading American policies, both foreign and domestic.  As Mr. B pointed out, the religion of the Commander-in-Chief has been a point of concern in the past--when JFK was elected (first Catholic president), folks were worried that he would start implementing Vatican-like policies here in the U.S.  The press made a big hairy deal about George W. Bush's religion, spinning it to make him look provincial. 

And here's the problem...  when the Department of Justice (I use that term loosely) is not prosecuting the USS Cole bomber, and the President of the United States is bowing and scraping to a foreign (muslim) potentate (among others, the man--and I use that term loosely--just can't seem to stand up straight) then it does seem to those of us with a half a brain, that his upbringing is in fact coloring his policies and by default, the policies of the United States towards countries like Israel and Iran

Now, as for the birth certificate brouhaha.  He's says, quite snarkily, that he can't go around with it pasted to his forehead.  Well, the problem is that no one, except for one Hawaiian official (apparently) has seen it at all.  You want the controversy to go away, cough it up.  McCain had to since he was born in the Panama Canal area in order to prove his citizenship.  Hells Bells, I had to in order to just get my freakin' passport.  It's the same mindset that makes Congress exempt themselves from the rules and regulations that we peasants are supposed to follow.

Of course I'm kind of using reverse logic on this--something along the line of a cop showing up at the door and wanting to search our house "If you don't have anything to hide, why won't you let us look?"  But I think this reticence shows a complete disregard for the American people.  He dismisses us out of hand with platitudes and an elitist attitude that we're just supposed to accept what he says.  The American public is not as bovine-like as the MSM and the Legislaturist class (term from David Weber) would think and talking down to us while providing nothing but empty air will not work anymore.


Anonymous said...

My only reason for thinking Obama should have to show us his birth certificate is--as you pointed out--that McCain had to. I really didn't think there was anything to the story that Obama is ineligible for the Presidency...but his obstinance in showing us the thing--when all he has to do is to show it, and this will all just go away--makes me wonder what he has to hide.

Midwest Chick said...

And that's the thing. It makes everyone wonder. And since he's ultimately (supposed to be) responsible to the American people, if even a small portion of the population asks, he should make the whole enchilada public. It goes with the territory.