Monday, August 16, 2010

Confusing freedom of religion and commerce.... Obama and the Ground Zero mosque

Leaving aside the question of Obama jumping into what was earlier deemed to be 'a local matter'.  It's the fact that he (and others) are saying that the people have a right to build a mosque under the aegis of freedom of religion.  I have to say that I'm getting pretty tired of this particular meme.  Mr. B has it right, this is a freedom of commerce issue, not a freedom of religion issue.  The religion card is the new race card (since the race card has been maxed out).

Part of the problem with the religion card is that it can only be used by non-Christians (much like the race card can only be used by non-whites).  And the muslims are starting to max out their use of the religion card with this mosque project (please see the connotations of the name of the project for some additional clarity).  It is almost like they are wanting to provoke a fight, just to see what will happen.  So they can show how anti-muslim the American people are.  The problem is that these radicals are pushing too far (and they are radicals) and it could very well lead to the backlash that the American public has been trying very hard to avoid (please note that the Americans have been trying to avoid this fight but  we can only take so much).

At the base of it, these bullies have every legal right to build their momument to cowardice and killing--as long as their paperwork is in order (and in New York, the right amount of $$ will make that happen).  They are pulling the religion card in order to try to make the American public pull back from their criticism of the project.  But they know and we know what this project really stands for--muslim conquest.

The best way to fight this project was suggested by Mr. B--whoever sold the property to them for the project, whoever agrees to work on the project, whatever unions are involved in this project--put their names up on billboards so the American public can know who can be bought--which NYC organization care more about $$ than about doing what's right.  This project will never, literally, get off the ground if they can't find the workers to do it.  And if the NYC unions come out against it, then it's dead in the water.

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