Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The world gone topsy-turvy.....

I wonder if this is actually one of the signs of the apocalypse?  The French are actually making sense and the British come out with some new idiocy almost every day, like knives with no points--literally.  The French parliament has voted to approve a ban on face veils worn by some Muslim women.  They cite issues with assimilation into the french culture and also security issues as their reasons to disallow the wearing of the full veil in public.  And these things make sense to me. 

It's like the woman in Florida who actually had her picture taken in a full veil and then the courts said 'nope, won't fly'-- since that kinda negates the reason to have a picture.  There's nothing in the Quran that necessitates full veils--they are cultural artifacts, not religious (in most Muslim countries, culture and religion are closely intertwined with their political system as well)--the idea of dressing modestly taken that next illogical step.  By separating yourself from the society in which you live by dress or language or whatever, you are not becoming part of that society.  The irony is that most of these folks emigrated from theirplaces of origin because those places were apparently so horrible to them. 

I think France has finally figured out that multi-culturalism just doesn't work-that a house divided cannot stand.

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