Monday, July 12, 2010

Interesting that these hit pieces on Toyota come out now.....

There are articles in the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Chicago Sun-Times, and a host of other new outlets (the original story looks like an AP release, I think) about the Southern Illinois University professor who basically exacerbated all of the bru-ha-ha about the Toyota acceleration problem (which was dropped by the media amazingly after the California incident was shown to be a hoax).  What's not mentioned, or is downplayed, is that this professor 'rigged' a malfunction and and his results could not be duplicated by other automotive laboratories using the same rigging.

What's most interesting is that the articles referenced above are talking NOW about Toyota's 'retaliation' against the professor and SIU--in February and March.  And they are talking about resignations from advisory groups and the withdrawal of summer scholarship offers as 'retaliation'.  Are GM, Ford, and Chrylser sales still be trampled so badly by Toyota that they are having to bring out this again??  It'll be interesting to see the root-cause of this late-blooming issue/media blitz.