Saturday, July 31, 2010

Assimilation/re-education not education

Over at Minding the Campus, there is an article about a woman in the Graduate Counselor Education program at Augusta State University.  Apparently the woman in question is christian and as such, believes that homosexuality is a lifestyle, etc.  She does not believe in foisting her beliefs on others and "affirms the inherent dignity of all persons, regardless of their views or sexual behavior.'

Well, the program professors didn't think that was sufficient and ordered her to take remedial programs in multiculturalism, get some sensitivity training, and attend a gay pride parade.  Note that she has not been accused of trying to push her beliefs onto anyone else but that the program 'suggested' these actions because of her personal beliefs and because she stated that she would not affirm others' morality.

She was going to let herself be bullied into all of that remedial bullcrap, but instead has filed a lawsuit.  Now I have a very big issue with making someone toe a specific ideological line and as long as she, once she graduates, touts herself as a Christian counselor so that people know what they're getting at the start, then I've got no problem that either. 

For the record, I'm of the mind that many counselors need the most help and judging from the actions of the professors in that program and their extreme-guilt-trip life or death statements, I'm getting some anecdotal evidence in that direction.  I don't believe that forcing someone to attend a gay pride parade (and yes, I've attended/marched in a gay pride parade myself with some friends and had a thoroughly lovely time) is really going to change their attitude towards gay folks and their behavior.

I may not agree with her beliefs, but they are hers.  As long as they don't interfere with her job, I don't give a rat's half-eaten ass.  I am getting tired of the PC crowd forcing their beliefs onto others, same as I'm tired of the PC crowd forcing their political machinations onto the American public.  It's just one more symptom of an educational system that isn't--it's a programming/propaganda system that once more has overstepped its boundaries, just as at the University of Illinois.

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