Thursday, June 10, 2010

So is Obama going to bring a can of Whoop-Ass to the meeting??

According to an article from Breitbart, BP officials have FINALLY been invited to meet with Obama.  I'm hoping for a televised smack-down since the Anointed One has been talking like he's a WWE wrestler but yet hadn't had the balls or the brains (I'm betting on the former) to actually meet with the folks that he's been criticizing.  I think he doesn't really understand that metaphorically kicking someone's ass in an abstract 'gotta talk the experts instead of taking action' kind of way doesn't do your street-cred any good.

The Brits are understandably a bit miffed over the attitude of this trash-talking ball-less wonder who has only been relying on press reports and information that has filtered up through the layers of his ever-increasing bureaucracy rather than actually picking up the phone and getting the data from the horses' mouth.

Maybe if both BP and the Obama administration would stop pointing fingers at each other and actually take the help that's been offered (ht Mr. B) and make use of  items just sitting in warehouses, or use the power of the office of the President to cut through the red tape preventing action, then maybe some of this could be remediated or stopped before it does further damage.

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