Thursday, June 24, 2010

Range time and Rain time

Went to the range last night with Mr. B and our friend M (or should that be Q because he always has the coolest toys?).  I'm trying to get used to a new target pistol (Beretta .22 with a nice red dot sight), Mr. B was checking out some new magazines that he bought for his .45 to make sure they function correctly, and Q, who is getting over shoulder surgery, was shooting .45 and 9mm right-handed (he's a lefty). 

Despite the fact that this Beretta throws brass like a drunken baseball player (usually off the partition and onto my head or into my hair), I used the opportunity to re-learn focus and completely took out the X ring on my second target at 50 feet.  Did get one piece of brass down my front so now I have a nice burn mark but managed to stay cool (so to speak), safe the weapon, and then get it out.

While at the range, I got a text from the formidable and weather-wise Og, who gave us the heads-up that the sky was coming down and to batten down the hatches (Thanks so much--it's nice to have someone watching out for us--however, you will pay for the Chicken Dance this morning!!!).  One real good thing about shooting indoors at our range is that the building is mostly underground--a nice spot to be in a tornado-prone thunderstorm.  It was a GREAT thunderstorm though and actually broke the heat that the mornings storms didn't.  Also, no other trees down, so that's a BIG plus!

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