Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Idiocy reigns in Chicago

I still think that Chicago's Mayor Daley was scared by a gun or gun-like object or maybe even a pointed stick when he was a child in order to have such a paranoid, unreasoning fear of anyone but his bodyguards in the city of Chicago having access to firearms.  To listen to his voice getting squeakier and higher as he gets worked up is enough to shatter glass and to have dogs and bats scattering in dismay.  To cling to the idea that such stringent gun laws actually DO anything in the face of evidence to the contrary--54 shootings in ONE weekend in a city with the most stringent anti-gun laws in the country says to me that there is FAIL.  To me it says that by disarming law-abiding citizens, you have left the thuggery to run rampant throughout the city because the underpaid, understaffed police force cannot be everywhere and the city is not paying for individual gun-carrying bodyguards for the general populace.

In addition to this, he also misses the point about the strong-arm that the unions are trying to put on Wal-Mart--they are trying to dictate what Wal-Mart should pay its employees and Wal-Mart is not a union shop.  So since the Wal-Mart in question is going into a black neighborhood, Daley figures that it's racism on the part of folks trying to keep Wal-Mart out instead of the unions trying to muscle into something that is totally not their business.  The unions would rather Wal-Mart not go in and bring all of those jobs to the community if it means that they feel they would lose power.  But 'Squeaks' Daley doesn't see that part.  He stammers and yammers about how Wal-Marts go into the 'burbs with no issues (could it be that the 'burbs are not part of Chicago and don't have to bow to the Machine??) and the best he can come up with is racism.  You've totally lost the plot if you  have to pull the race card on something like this.

I grew up in downstate Illinois and remember thinking how nice it would be if Chicago seceeded from the state and became its own entity.  Still think so......

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