Friday, June 4, 2010

Gov. Christie--talking sense AGAIN!

From JammieWearingFool, a video of Christie rebutting the negative ads being run about him that are funded by the teachers' unions.  In addition to pointing out that the money for those ads and the millions of dollars being collected by the teachers' unions are actually taxpayers' dollars, since the taxpayers are paying the salaries of the teachers who then pass that on to the unions, he (quite rightly in my opinion) points out that
"...the teachers' union is about the accumulation and exercise of raw power."
This is why teachers' unions have served their day.  Because they have forgotten that their base purpose is to protect the safety and the livelihoods of their constituents.  Union leadership is creating their own fiefdoms to the detriment of the people paying their salaries.  Plus, and this was not emphasized in his speech, but what would happen if the teachers could KEEP that part of their salary that is tithed to the unions?  Why should taxes be increased to pay for an organization that works to the detriment of those who they are supposed to serve?  Why should OUR taxes pay for an organization that protects incompetence??

In any case, it is refreshing to see someone talking sense and someone who is willing to take the heat in order to do what's right for HIS constituency.  Watch the whole thing!

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