Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gifts from my Fathers--For Fathers Day

I've been pretty lucky in my life in certain arenas.  Although my folks were divorced when I was eight, my mom married a great guy who is a great dad and my biological dad, by his own admission, was not-so-much a good father. 

From my biological dad I got great hair, the gift of gab, and an inquiring intellect.  He might not have been a good dad, but he was an interesting  man and I honor him for his gifts.  He came from a family of bakers, and that skill seems to have been passed on to me so I think of him and my grandfather, whenever I make a batch of cookies or a loaf of bread.

From my dad, the man who raised me, I got the gifts of patience, life skills, and the ability to listen--really listen.  He also taught me ways to go to sleep when it just doesn't want to happen.  He has shown me love unconditional and he is always there for me.  He trusts me and my judgment  and that is a gift beyond price.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!!!