Sunday, June 13, 2010

And this is why my gender sometimes embarrasses me.....

I just followed a link from Mr. B on the change of tenure rules in the state of Colorado.  Maybe it'll  help the state of education in that part of the US.  I hope so.  The embarrassing part??  A Colorado representative (female, Democrat) burst into tears at the news of the passage of the bill. 

It's as bad as some professor (Liberal Arts, Harvard) getting a case of the vapors at the suggestion of Larry Summers that some studies show that in general, women might not be suited to the hard sciences.

Yes, I think that if you believe in something and are passionate about it, that your dedication to an issue should show.  But to have adult females--professional, educated--react like small children having their lollypop taken away, just undermines their position. 

Especially in the case of Summers (who I do not like and whose ideas and position in the Obama administration is bringing ruin to the country), but who I think got screwed at Harvard since the woman mentioned above couldn't muster the intestinal fortitude to confront him directly on his questioning, but instead got him put on double-secret probation and subsequently forced his resignation (which put him ultimately in the Obama administration). 

Hmmmm.... so we can blame the Liberal Arts faculty at Harvard for the state of the country (at least partially).  Why am I not surprised??

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