Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All that without a teleprompter--Gov. Christie

Via Insty, this video of Christie in Perth Amboy (which I just thought was a place mentioned in Bugs Bunny cartoons).  The man speaks sense and I think he speaks from the heart.  He says that the government tells you that "we'll give you something but someone else will pay for it" and that change will be blocked by those who are getting something that someone else is paying for (paraphrasing here).    He's actually saying what the rest of us are thinking and are blogging about.  And he's a politician!

And he gives the whole speech with nary a notecard nor a teleprompter.  Every time I see a new speech, I'm more impressed.  But I'm not impressed by his speech making--I'm impressed because he's actually walking his talk--he's taking action and those actions mirror his words.

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