Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So at least one union has figured out economic reality

Via Drudge, the Rhode Island school district that fired every single teacher and administrator is hiring back the lot of them in the fall because the union has finally figured out that it's better to make some concessions and have its people employed rather than putting an entire school district on the dole.  The teachers are all going have to work longer hours, tutor students,  and in general, do what teachers twenty years ago did as a matter of the job, not as a matter of additional payola.  From the article:
Under the deal, teachers will need to recommit to their jobs and interview with the new principal. Other changes aimed at increasing student achievement include: a new evaluation system designed to inform teaching and learning, and targeted and embedded professional development.
I wonder if it was the fact that more than 700 people applied for those jobs and would have been happy to do what was necessary to keep them without ties to the union that made the union change its mind?  Sure it had to make some concessions, but they've still got a union shop in place rather than a district that probably would have gotten along just fine without them. 

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