Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sheriffs whine to Eric Holder about Arizona Law

So a bunch of police chiefs met with Eric "I haven't read the AZ law but feel competent to comment on it." Holder, the Attorney General of the United States to whine about the Arizona law (via Breitbart) and the fact that other states are thinking it's a pretty good idea.  They claim that it's going to increase the amount of crime in their cities.  I would counter and say it's going to increase the amount of REPORTED crime since seven of the nine cities listed in the article are so-called 'sanctuary cities'--those cities and municipalities that would prefer to turn a blind eye to people breaking the law rather than actually enforce it.  To me, to call yourself a law enforcement officer in a place such as that loses you credibility points, big-time.  It's interesting that the police chief of Tucson, Arizona, a sanctuary city, said:
the requirements of the new law are so burdensome that "we doubt the federal government can even handle the numbers of people we will bring to them" on immigration status.
The translation of this, as far as I see it, is:
we'll actually have to enforce a law that we don't want to and the situation is so completely out of hand that we're not sure we can.
So now they're actually going to have to do their jobs properly.  If they can't, they should find other lines of work.

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