Thursday, May 27, 2010

One More Goblin gone

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, an 80 year old man in the city of  Chicago shot and killed an intruder who fired a handgun through the man's bedroom window.  I'm gong to use JayG's designation for such intruders--a goblin.  Goblin missed, 80 year old man didn't.  The goblin in question had a 13 page rap sheet and in order to get into the house, broke into a basement window and went up the stairs to a porch.  Of course he was in the middle of turning his life around before he broke into the man's house, crept up the stairs, and fired a gun towards sleeping geriatrics.

The 80 year old Korean war vet had purchased HIS gun six months ago after being robbed since he reasonably assumed that the city was not going to provide him the protection afforded the mayor.  Of course handguns are still illegal in the city of Chicago, pending the outcome of a Supreme Court ruling, so how did the goblin in question, a felon, presumably with no FOID card, procure such an item??   And if the city of Chicago wishes its citizens to be disarmed, where was the guard standing next to the man's bed in order to protect him?

In any case, I'll bet Daley is wanting this to disappear, and quickly, since his nuts are now caught in a vice.  The law as it stands says that they have to arrest the old man who was defending himself but if they do that, the issue is going to go international right before the Supreme Court ruling on the city of Chicago's restrictive ban.  If they don't arrest the old man, then it's selective enforcement and that's a bad thing too.  Maybe he can extend the 'sanctuary city' status to cover old men with handguns in addition to illegals.

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