Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun with the neighbors

You would think that living on a two acre lot out in the country would afford some privacy to lay out on the back deck and catch some rays.  But no, no it doesn't.  I was following Tam's advice about finding a nice warm rock and taking in the warmth, reading a mind-candy book, and watching Mr. B mow the lawn, work on the trailer, paint some metal that he welded, and be wicked productive (I was doing laundry which did necessitate getting up and moseying into the house every now and again).  I was completely off-line yesterday (I even put the phone away), which did unfortunately, make me miss an email from the Mighty Og.

While on the porch, the neighbor from two doors down, plus at least two kids come wandering through the back yard looking for one of their dogs, narrowly remembering not to walk through my freshly planted garden that is clearly marked by railroad ties.  Then the kid of the next door neighbor, along with a friend wander up to chat and to see if they could buy one of the barrels we have (Mr. B let them have one) for a dry well and to ask Mr B if he could help move a 650 pound door later (which he did).

None of these things harshed my mellow particularly but did make me glad that I do sunbathe with cloth covering the crucial bits since I don't want to be  like that poor guy out east who was arrested for indecent exposure for being naked in his own kitchen. 

But then, as we're getting ready to sit down for dinner, DAN (Dumb-Ass Neighbor), shows up (at the back door when he's been instructed to come to the front repeatedly--he creeps me out, big time) because his dog has gotten out of the fence AGAIN.  And they can't catch her.  AGAIN.  This is the third time in a week.  Instead of listening to Mr. B and getting the dog some training (Mr. B had her in a sit/stay in less than 10 minutes last time we rounded her up--she's a good dog, but she's a puppy and wants to play), DAN and TTG (Trailer Trash Girlfriend) figure it's easier to come over and get Mr. B to use our dog as a stalking horse to get their dog back inside their fence (and our dog is as tired of it as we are). 

The thing is, he gets the dog inside the fence and no one moves to close the gate, so the dog runs back out.  So Mr. B has to tell them to close the gate once he's back inside with their dog (I'm surprised they've figured out the lightswitch).  Mr. B once again mentions that they need to get the dog some training and that DAN and TTG will learn as much as the dog, whereupon DAN replies that he knows everything he needs to about dogs.  Which is why we've had to catch her three times in the last week....  Give these folks a hand and they'll try to take the entire arm.


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Toaster 802 said...

The really scary thing you should be thinking about is that if the lights go out, these "people" will be knocking on your door to help themselves to your stuff. And if you do not offer, sounds like they could be dangerous. Why? because they are already helping themselves to your resources.

Get a fence, post your land and make it clear to them use the front door. Looks like it is not only these "people's" dog that needs training.

If things do ever go south, these "people" will be your first security challenge...