Friday, May 28, 2010

A Comedy of Errors, or Would you like a little cheese to go with that Whine?

I think that yesterday had to be one of the most frustrating of my life.  I've had other days but not where all planets aligned to just mess me up.  I was trying to email some very important files to some folks and for some reason their new and improved computer system kept eating them (not even a bounce or undeliverable message, just into a black hole).

So several email messages later (zipped files, unzipped files, two different email systems, etc.) I figure out that their system absolutely does not like one file.  Frustrating since I tried everything I could think of--saving that file as a different version, zipping, and unzipping but it just wasn't going to fly.  So I head off to Fed Ex to overnight a memory stick with all of the files on it.

Simple, right??  Not so much.  Some braintrust, not being able to look south a little bit and realize that 80/94 is FUBAR decides to close down a lane on the Tollroad, leading to an hour and more backup.  I've got a clock ticking to get to the FedEx place in time.  So I get past the blockage (took an hour and fifteen minutes to make a fifteen minute trip) and pedal to the metal to get to FedEx.  On the only bright note, I did not get stopped for speeding (and I was).

I pull in to FedEx.  I realize that I don't have my memory stick to copy from--it's in my computer at work.   The lightbulb comes on--I buy a memory stick and get online and download the files from my email since I had multiple copies, fill out the FedEx stuff and with about 10 minutes to spare, get it all paid for and done.

By this time, it's too late to go to class so I drag ass home.  I'm feeling pretty rung out since there was a lot of stress in the previous two hours.  So I kick off my shoes and promptly step in a cold hairball left by one of the cats.

Just the icing on the cake of a totally craptastic day.

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