Saturday, May 8, 2010

Advocating for the Re-Conquista--UCLA Professor

On the heels of the Cinco de Mayo/people forgetting they live in the United States, not Mexico problem in California (see Mr B's postings here and here and his related post here --also see Brigid's fantastic post on the subject here) there comes another story out of California via Gateway Pundit detailing how a UCLA professor is advocating for a Mexican revolution in the United States. 

I dunno, but from where I'm sitting, advocating for a foreign overthrow of a government is treason.  This asshat might be covered by tenure, which can keep him from getting fired by the university, but it doesn't prevent his happy ass from getting thrown into the slam.  He can speak freely about revolution in this country because of the Constitution--he'd be in a jail in Mexico before he finished his speech if he was doing the same thing there.  He was talking about 40 million Mexicans being north of the border.  Betting 3/4 are illegal.  Kick them out and there goes his f*^&ing revolution.

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