Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stanford education FAIL

(ht:  Insty) The East Palo Alto school district has declined to continue Stanford's charter elementary school since it is the lowest scoring school in the district.  (articles here and here) Ironically, the top scoring school in the district is also a charter school, but below is the quote that tells the tale.  Aspire, the folks who run the top scoring school (same demographics as the Stanford school, BTW) tried to jointly run a high school with the Stanford folks.  According to Don Shalvey, the man who started Aspire:
The two cultures clashed. Aspire focused “primarily and almost exclusively on academics,” while Stanford focused on academics and students’ emotional and social lives, said Don Shalvey, who started Aspire and is now with the Gates Foundation.
The high school, now exclusively run by Stanford, is staying open and:
is considered more successful because 96 percent of seniors are accepted to college, but “average SAT scores per subject hover in the high 300s,” reports the Times. That suggests most graduates are going to unselective colleges to take remedial classes.
 So we have two models in the same demographic and geographic area.  One model concentrates on academics and is successful; the other has to get into the emotional and social lives of their student body and have academics as a corollary, then it fails.   Gee, why am I NOT surprised???

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