Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Obama is a Poseur!

I heard about this yesterday and Insty has a bunch of links to posts about it, but good grief.....  Obama throws out the first pitch (like a 5 year old girl) at the Washington Nationals game (after cleverly putting on his White Sox hat) and then  completely proceeds to muff some slow-pitch questions, such as "who is your favorite White Sox player?" (Couldn't name ANYONE).  He then says something along the lines of "I'm a South Side guy" (since when?).  Loves to catch a game at Kaminsky Field. (that was from a previous interview)   I'm not from Chicago (and don't claim to be like he does) and I know better.

So WHY dear readers, do I care about this at all??  I don't care about Obama's baseball knowledge or lack thereof.  I do think that what happened at the game and the subsequent interview again show that the man has absolutely no substance, but we all know this.  He's a metrosexual, pseudo-intellectual who tries to put on the macho and fails miserably.  I've got bigger balls than he does and I'm a chick.

The term poseur 'describes a person who adopts the dress, speech, and/or mannerisms of a group or subculture, generally for attaining acceptability within the group, yet who is deemed to not share or understand the values or philosophy of the subculture.'  Obama has shown repeatedly that he cannot relate to any of the culture of the United States (maybe because he wasn't raised here), except for that very small subculture to which he was indocrinated (Ivy League socialist).  The more he tries to look like a regular guy, the worse he looks (the 17 minute reply to a simple question).   I think the term fits.


Michael Fagan said...

You might like this. You use the term "poseur" and I've seen "bad faith presidency" elsewhere, but I don't think either have quite the eloquence of my preferred term: "goddamn fucking soviet"...

Midwest Chick said...

That's a really good video. The 'poseur' only applies when he's trying to be anything other than an elitist socialist (a walking oxymoron).

He tries to put on the 'normal Joe on the street' schtick and strikes out.