Friday, April 30, 2010

Not mollycoddling rude people any more.....

Parked my car (straight and secure in the dead center of my chosen parking place) and ran into two stores to quickly pick up some items.  Except it wasn't so quick because when I came out, some stupid git had parked so close to my car that there was absolutely no way to get into my driver's side door.  In addition she had parked cockeyed and I wasn't sure that even if I took the time to climb into the car through the passenger side that I would be able to pull out safely since she was at an odd angle right behind my back bumper.

So, instead of just settling for leaving a nasty note on her car and going through extreme contortions and possibly scraping up MY car (she was that close and I didn't give a rat's ass about her car), I went into the strip mall stores in search of her.  Luckily I hit paydirt on the second store (had the stores page the owner of a beige Toyota XLE).   Being as wide as she was tall, I can see why she gave herself so much room on HER driver's side door but the whole crooked parking thing is still a mystery.  However, she agreed, after waddling out and looking at the cars from another angle, that it was indeed a crappy parking job and moved her vehicle.  She was suitably apologetic, I was relatively polite and maybe she'll be more careful the next time.


Brigid said...

I was parking at the airport and had to park on one of the roof spots as it was almost full. There was a car parked almost sideways in two spots. Not a fancy car where some rude person is doing it on person so they don't get a door ding, just a crappy parking job. The car was COVERED in dents, scrapes and accident damage.

I for one would like to see the occassional driving test after the original. Just like pilots have to show we're current. Some of the folks I pass on the freeway are just accidents waiting.

Midwest Chick said...

I think that it would be a good idea to have to re-qualify for a drivers license. It would also cut down on the cries of elder discrimination if everyone had to do it periodically, which would also help get rid of Og's blue-haired road lice.

Mr.B said...

That is why I carry one of these:

Use your imagination.

But a flat tire, either now, or down the road, is a decent revenge.

you just have to loosen it a bit.

And legally, it is not vandalism or property damage.


og said...

I'd like to mollycoddle 'em.

Wait, Mollycoddle does involve a bat, right?

Midwest Chick said...

Bats are only used if you're trying to rock them to sleep.... (easier to hold than an actual rock).