Saturday, April 3, 2010

The news that isn't..... sexual addiction

Was watching the morning news and the Today Show came on.  Now I'm not expecting hard-hitting reporting or anything from them, but the lead stories were just dog-and-pony-let's-distract-the-populace types of prurient and salacious tales.  Plus they are total crap.  The main focus was sex addiction--Tiger Woods, Jesse James, David Duchovny (who started this whole thing).  I think it's another way of trying to take personal responsibility out of a person's purview and  make another level of victimhood.  I was reading a blogpost by Dr. Marty Klein at Sexual Intelligence, who notes that even though he has been a sex therapist for 30 years, it was only 3 years ago that folks claiming to be sex addicts starting walking through his door.  His quote:
I don’t treat sex addiction. The concept is superficial. It isn’t clearly defined or clinically validated, and it’s completely pathology-oriented. It presents no healthy model of non-monogamy, pornography use, or stuff like S/M. Some programs eliminate masturbation, which is inhumane, naïve, and crazy.
Oh, I observe people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and a few other exotic states. That accounts for some of what laypeople call “sex addiction.”
I do think that part of the problem is what I've blogged about earlier in reference to Dr. Helen's article and that one part of the latest craze in psychosis is that sexuality is so stigmatized, especially here in the US (back to our puritan roots, I guess).  There is also a very narrow popular definition of sexuality and 'accepted sexual practices'.  Combine stigmatization/narrow definitions with a culture that celebrates a 'victim' and removes the idea that you have to take personal responsibility for your actions you have instant sexual addiction.


BobG said...

"The concept is superficial. It isn’t clearly defined or clinically validated, and it’s completely pathology-oriented."

It's just a new way of describing what we used to call a "horndog".

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og said...

I'm telling you, I ought to start a damned sex addiction clinic. Anytime anyone shows the least interest in sex, I would just strip down to a G string and rub up against them. That would drive all thoughts of sex directly from their heads. If that didn't cure you of sexual addiction in about nine milliseconds, you would be incurable.

Dangerously good cookies, btw.

Midwest Chick said...

Og-thanks ever-so-much for THAT mental image (as if the Crown Royal Bags weren't enough from your posting on Tea Partys). Where did I put that darned brain bleach?!?

Glad you liked the cookies--I'll make more when y'all come down to go shooting! (How's that for incentive?)