Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Go Christie Go!!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is taking on the New Jersey teachers union and is taking the fight to the public.  It looks like the union will no longer be able to hide behind the 'it's for the children' meme since in this case, the money definitely is not.  Per this article:

Christie added that $820 million in state aid cuts, primarily for school lunches, art teachers and language classes, among other programs, wouldn't have to go if the teachers union would agree to a one-year pay freeze and to pay 1.5 percent of their salary toward their medical, dental and vision benefits.
"That would save $800 million and wipe out all but $20 million of our cuts, and there'd be no layoffs, there'd be no program cuts, and all of the stuff is about the union's greed rather than putting the kids first," Christie said.
Even the union's thinly veiled death threats aren't making Christie back down.  I hope the public who elected him will recognize that the teachers' union is the problem and is not the solution.

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