Monday, March 15, 2010

Obama and Education

Greg Foster over at Pajamas Media writes about how Obama has caused waves by siding with the Rhode Island school district that fired, well, everyone.  He says that it's because the teachers unions are losing their power and Obama wants to be on the side of the 'social justice'  folks taking down the unions because they've finally come to realize that the teachers unions are bad for schools.  It's a well-written piece and I understand Mr. Foster's perspective but I have to respectfully disagree.

The reason that Obama is siding with the Rhode Island school district isn't because he believes that the unions are ruining the educational system of this country.  It's because they are standing in the way of a complete takeover of the educational system by the federal government.  When you look at the bigger picture, including the new K-12 standards that I blogged about here, then it all starts to fall into place.  Obama is all-union, all-the-time, but his main agenda items--cap and tax, healthcare, and education are the three legs of the socialist manifesto that he's trying to force upon this country and he'll throw anyone under the bus in order to try to make those happen.

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