Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Interesting article about Haiti and Voodoo

In this Telegraph (UK) article, there are a couple of interesting tidbits regarding the budding war between the Evangelicals and the Voodoo practitioners in Haiti.  The first tidbit is that despite the writer trying to make the Voodoo folks look looney by describing the happenings of one of their rituals, the Voodoo folks make the most sense about the cause of the earthquake:

"They say we're the ones who caused the earthquake. But we know ourselves that we didn't cause the quake, because it was a natural catastrophe," said Willer Jassaint, one of the priests, or houngans, leading the Voodoo ceremony.
The second interesting thing is that the article states that the majority of the Voodoo practitioners are from the poorest classes in Haiti.  The fact that Voodoo was used to keep the populace in fear by Papa Doc and company back in the day is also a  strike against the religion (Voodoo is the official state religion of Haiti).

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