Monday, March 8, 2010

I suggest you put on a tie!

I happened to catch part of the news last night and saw the video of Obama congratulating the Iraqi people on their courage to vote, despite the threats of being blown up (kind of like voting with the SEIU or Black Panthers standing there, but with high explosives) and basically trying to take the credit for bringing about some semblance of democracy in Iraq.  But his disingenuous words aren't what struck me about his speech, it was his mode of dress that I thought spoke louder than his drivel.

Now I'm not the fashion police or anything (I would wear sweats to the office if I thought I could get away with it but feel it's important to dress for the occasion), but for the love of Pete, when you are giving a speech in an official capacity and are addressing the people of both our nation and a foreign one, can you not be bothered to put on a frickin' tie along with your jacket??  (Video here).  I notice that he had one when he had his little dog and pony show on health care--something that I guess really matters to him (Picture here). 

So I've got three thoughts on this:  1) we can see what's really important to the Narcissist-in-Chief by whether or not he bothers to put on a tie; 2)  if he wants to go all casual-Friday everyday of the week, at least punt the jacket and put on a polo shirt; 3) maybe he's trying to start his own fashion trend--a new uniform by which he will be able to tell his supporters from the rest of us unwashed, uneducated, non-Ivy-League masses.