Monday, March 15, 2010

Honey, could you drop the dry-cleaning over at another state??

Heard on the news this morning:  Illinois is going to start implementing a ban on perchloroethylene, which is used for dry cleaning.  Per the Epoch Times, before this happens, there's going to be a tax on dry-cleaners that will go into a 'Drycleaner Environmental Trust Fund.  The article states:
The funds will be used to establish a program to showcase green-solvent dry-cleaning technologies and to encourage transition to the use of environment-friendly technologies in the field.
 Okay, so they are instituting a ban (gradual, but a ban).  They are going to put a lot of folks out of business BUT before they do that, they are going to tax them and use those moneys (that could be put towards buying new equipment and supplies that would meet new requirements) to 'encourage and showcase' the use of new technology that they are going to HAVE to use eventually.

My head hurts......

It kind of reminds me of the below scene from 'Dave' with Kevin Kline.

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