Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Commercials: Census Bureau; Tim Tebow

I apparently missed the $3 million Census Bureau commercial last night during the Super Bowl so I looked it up this morning.  My only thought was, we payed $3,000,000 (not including production, mind you) for THIS? (I'm not linking directly because it was that dumb, if you want to find it, the main commercial page is here.)  We get Mr. I Ride a Bike to Get Power for my Oven Algore Jr., aka Ed Begley Jr., and the translator guy from ET trying to sound like they're doing an exclusive party but everyone's invited.  I don't even know who the chick was but it was one of the lamest spots I've ever seen--it said nothing about the way the Census works--no information, just that it was coming.  LAME, LAME, LAME and we frickin' PAID for it!

I did catch the much beleagured Tim Tebow (and Mom) commercial and thought it was cute.  Naturally there were complaints about it anyway, but they changed to complaining about the clearly fake tackle of Mom by Tim--said it showed violence against women.  Of course the women's groups had raised such a stink about it that it could have shown him brining her flowers and they'd say it was bad because they would give her hayfever or something.

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