Thursday, February 18, 2010

Must-Read post on Patriotism

Via Mr. B.  a post at The Liberty Zone regarding patriotism through the eyes of someone who lived under a socialist government (USSR).  My favorite parts:
Rights are simultaneous. Everyone has the same rights, and the exercise of those rights should never interfere with others' right to do the same.   They exist independently. The exercise of one right can never infringe upon the right of another, or it is not a right.  My right to free speech shouldn't obligate another to provide me with air time, a microphone or a stage to exercise said right.  My right to freely exercise religion, shouldn't obligate anyone else to build me a church.  That is a right.  Not being offended is not a right. It necessarily obligates others to curtail their speech, their expression and their actions to suit your subjective needs.
Patriotism is the love of those ideals that make this nation great.  Honor, courage, freedom, opportunity and equality.  Patriotism is not blind, unquestioning worship of those in power because their words are pretty and their platitudes are powerful.  Patriotism is questioning your government... and the courage to voice those doubts.  Patriotism is not blind condemnation of government, no matter what.   Patriotism is the ability to reason and the courage to be reasonable.  Patriotism is having the self control and the discipline not to whip out the patriotism card every time another voices a view with which you disagree.
But the whole thing is fantastic--please take some time to read it.


Stephen said...

Uh Huh! I threw a quick post up just to link to it the other day. Seriously good stuff.

Midwest Chick said...
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Midwest Chick said...

I'm glad Mr. B. pointed it out to me. Fantastic writing!