Thursday, February 25, 2010

Holy War, Haitian-style

Via Breitbart, an article on the attack on a Voodoo ceremony by Protestant Evangelicals.  Max Beauvoir, the leader of the Voodoo religion in Haiti is promising open war against the Evangelicals who were urged by a pastor (oddly unnamed in the article) to attack the ceremony and throw rocks at the participants.  No arrests were made and the police inspector talked to the pastor who "agreed" to let the ceremonies continue.

I think that this attack does lend additional credence to the reports that the Evangelicals were getting the lion's share of aid going into Haiti and are using the chaos caused by the earthquake to further their own agenda.

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Karen said...

Boston College hosts an excellent online lecture (43 min) by Dr. Elizabeth McAlister, Associate Professor of Religion at Wesleyan University. She explains current Evangelical strategies to reinterpret & capture the historical, spiritual and legal landscape of Haiti.

This video from October 2009 shows why clashes are happening in Haiti now. (I also learned that the only two places favored by the Christian God in America are Alaska and Wisconsin !!!!???). Substitute Wicca/Paganism in America, Animism in Africa, and Islam in the 10/40 window as similar targets of this blighted strategy.

Online abstract: The evangelical third wave movement – which counts Sarah Palin as anointed by God – has developed techniques known as “Spiritual Mapping” and “Spiritual Warfare” to chart “Christian” and “Demonic” territories. The land and history of Haiti is particularly charged as evangelicals and vodouists relate different understandings of their cosmos and their history.

The seminar (time-sliced video with excellent audio) is available at: