Monday, February 1, 2010

Continuing submissive behavior from Obama

So Obama  bows (and scrapes) to the King of Saudi Arabia, and really, really bows to Emperor Akihito of Japan.  Okay, that's bad enough but now he's bowing to the Mayor of Tampa, Florida. (ht, Bookworm Room)  All I have to say is WTF??  Is it just naturally beta-dog submissive behavior that's only offset when has his podium to hold him upright so he's not bowing to the press corps??  I'm not thinking that it would take much to out-alpha Obama but would hope that he would be able to overcome his natural response to bow to, well, almost everybody (except for our allies, who he just wants to piss off).  I am digusted beyond words--maybe she lost a contact or something and he was looking down to find it, but I highly doubt it.

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