Monday, January 11, 2010

This got me thinking about the timing of the Pantybomber's attack

I've been mulling this around for quite a few days, but this post at American Thinker helped me to crystalize it.  As Joel J. Sprayregen, points out, there were several attacks on Christians around Christmas by Muslims.  It seems that others' holy days are specifically used as a type of attack calendar.  The thing that gets me is that even I know this--I knew it BEFORE the pantybomber tried to blow up a plane full of people.  So, riddle me this, why would the folks who are supposed to be in charge of national security, from the President on down, take their vacation time at Christmas?  Obama remained in Hawaii and didn't bother even commenting on the situation for several days.  Michael Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, stayed on the ski slopes and didn't bother dragging his sorry ass back into the office for almost a week. 

When I was in a supervisory position, I was expected to 1) Be on call, no matter what; 2) Be prepared to come into the office, no matter the time; 3) Be aware of the flow of the job and not take vacations during busy times.  And that was a piddly job compared to what these folks are supposed to be doing.  If I was expected to be available, why are these guys?

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