Friday, January 22, 2010

Quote of the day regading Pat Robertson's assertion about Haiti

Via Drudge, New York Times Op-Ed commentator Nicholas Kristof is talking about Haiti and the fact that a lot  of folks feel that the amount of aid going there is eventually going to be money wasted once the country is back to pre-earthquake conditions.  He does make some good points about starting factories there instead of in Asia and such but his best comment is this:
"Pat Robertson, the religious broadcaster, went furthest by suggesting that Haiti’s earthquake flowed from a pact with the devil more than two centuries ago. While it’s not for a journalist to nitpick a minister’s theological credentials, that implication of belated seismic revenge on Haitian children seems defamatory of God. "
I think that the above is the best, most polite, but yet snarkiest commentary on Robertson's idiocy.


Timmeehh said...

After reading your headline, I must conclude that you are from Boston.

Midwest Chick said...

I lived there for several years. Wish I'd known about this part of the blogosphere then. I did keep a pretty close watch on the Brown/Coakley smackdown having been there during previous elections.