Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pre-activism raises its ugly head at the Superbowl

Apparently there is a group, Focus on the Family, who is paying to run an ad that celebrates life.  From what I've heard, because no one has actually SEEN the ad, that it is pro-life, pro-family, etc.  Now, as a full-disclosure, I am pro-choice.  I personally would never get an abortion and I've always tried to plan my life so that I never would have to (because I'm also pro-personal responsibility) but if someone wants to pay for it, then there should be nothing to come between that person and their doctor.  I'm also of the mind that if insurance can pay for Viagra then insurance should also pay for birth control (not necessarily retro-active birth control), but I digress.

All that said, it is interesting that the pro-choice folks, women's groups, etc. are coming out against an ad they haven't seen.  They are screaming about equal time, hate speech, and are wailing that the ad should be pulled.  Jemhu Greene, director of the Women's Media Center is leading the way to have the ad pulled before the Superbowl.  My thought is if these folks feel so strongly about the ad, pay up and put on your own ad.  But of course the typical liberal thought is that if I don't like it, no one should hear it, rather than just not listening to it.  If their agenda is so fragile that a 30 second Superbowl commercial can harm it, then they should rethink their agenda.

Do I agree with everything that Focus on the Family espouses?  Defiinitely not.  Do I firmly believe in their right to Free Speech?  Definitely yes.

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