Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Pack, not a Herd

Apparently the pack, not herd mentality is taking root for American airline passengers (ht, Insty). It's unfortunate that it has to, but I really think that this is symbolic of a higher awakening of the American people.
Before 9/11 we were being 'trained' for lack of a better word to be victims--sit still and let the hijackers take you where they want to go, women--lie still and let the rapist take what he wants, men--just hand over your wallets to the mugger. Guns in the hands of regular folks are bad and dangerous.

This message was harped on and the indoctrination continued. Government good, private enterprise bad. Let someone else take care of things--abrogation of personal responsibility and encouraging passive behavior--the government will pay for all of those babies AND they'll pay more if you're not married to the father(s). Everyone is a victim, except if you're a white middle class male, then you're the enemy and the cause of all sorrows (because there has to be a common enemy and it's best if it's one that you can't do without).

After 9/11 and really in the last year, the American people are starting to realize that they can't abrogate their responsibilities for their own well-being.  That they have to defend themselves.  That the government cannot protect them and in fact is making things worse for them.  We are starting to shake off the rose-colored wool that the MSM, in its role as the governmental lapdog and propaganda purveyors, had tried to pull over our eyes.

eta:  J.R. Dunn over at American Thinker is planning ahead for a time when terrorists start hitting shopping malls.  Read the whole thing, but especially the last four paragraphs.  He also talks about individuals taking responsibility for their own safety instead of just waiting for the police.

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