Thursday, December 24, 2009

Taking a break from politics for a minutes for a totally different rant

Was watching Star Wars (the original, I refuse to call it Episode 4 or The New Hope or whatever).  Frickin' George Lucas, you rat-bastard--Greedo DID NOT SHOOT FIRST.  The whole scene between Han Solo and Greedo was to show what a rogue and bad man that Han Solo is--that's what makes him coming back to help at the end of the movie such a revelation.  GAH--how in the world can the writer and director forget his own plot lines?!?

Lucas and Spielberg should both be lined up and Stooge-slapped for changing movies and then allowing those changed movies to be shown in lieu of the originals, especially without warning us.  I refer you to South Park Episode 609 and will let Trey and Matt say it better.

That is all.


Ride Fast said...

I not only agree completely, but if Georgie just had to change anything, Han double tapping Greedo would have been an acceptable improvement.

Midwest Chick said...

That, I could have dealt with. This whole changing a very subtle yet important part of the plot just chaps my butt.