Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Again, how liberals think

Over at Ambulance Driver (one of my favorite, read-daily blogs) there's quite the bruhaha going on, basically caused by one person.  AD posted some pics and narrative about taking his seven year old daughter shooting.  One of the pics showed her shooting her birthday present, a nice AR15 .22 caliber.  Someone called Nurse K, who apparently does not like guns, has taken one NRA course, and has been to the range once in her life, felt the need to speak up and say that a father teaching his daughter to shoot is bad and if she could find a law against it in the state where AD lives, she would call Child Protective Services on him since she feels that it's reckless behavior.  Tempted as I was to post in the comments (which are now up to 140 on that particular posting), I refrained. 

What I do want to say about the whole thing is this:  the liberal mindset absolutely does not allow for diverse thoughts and actions.  Boiled down to its essence, Nurse K wishes to force her beliefs and worldview on others.  Because she doesn't like guns, then no one should be taught the proper handling and use of them.  Because she doesn't believe in spanking then she calls it child abuse. 

She has the elitist attitude that now permeates the present administration--that which implies that if you don't share their views, then you are misinformed, misguided, uneducated, and are just plain dumb and that because you are all of those things, then laws must be passed to prohibit the behavior that they don't like and cannot possibly understand (since the ideas of freedom and personal responsibility are completely beyond their ken), for your own protection of course.

My ire and disgust at such an attitude is almost beyond words.

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