Monday, November 2, 2009

So they'd rather bring down the ship...

The UAW membership voted against concessions with Ford.  These changes were designed to bring Ford's costs in line with Government Motors and Chrysler.  To me this means that either the UAW is working with the Obama administration to bring the third US motor company into the government fold by backing them into a corner or that the UAW still doesn't realize that it is and has been lately the cause of extreme loss of employment to their members and all of the correlary businesses associated with the US auto industry and are content to blow up the ship with all of their members aboard rather than abandon a position.

We were in Michigan this last weekend selling Strike Hold at a gun show.  It was the poorest show we've done.  I'm putting it to two reasons--the first being a total lack of disposable income by the Michiganers (primarily due to such decision as the above) and the second being a resistance to change  (my daddy introduced me to REM oil 30 years ago and if it was good enough then, it's good enough now).

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