Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now that the magic has gone.....

Shocker from the Boston Globe (via Drudge).  The are actually reporting that a federal report 'wildly exaggerated' the number of jobs (12,374) 'saved or created' in Massachusetts by the portion of that $787 Billion received by the Commonwealth ($4 Billion).  Bridgewater State seems to be somewhat culpable in that the said that the money that they received was used for 160 full time work-study jobs, but now they say that they didn't get any jobs for the over $77k investment.  The Globe tries to whitewash the hogwash by saying that the money was still important since it funded public services, even though they say it was basically shuffling funds.

“We see $15 million construction projects with no jobs, and a $900 shoe sale that created nine jobs. Both are obviously wrong,’’ said Michael Balsam, chief solutions officer for Onvia, a Seattle data company tracking the stimulus spending. “There were a lot of recipients that did not report. Those that did report have some data challenges - wrong data or missing data.’’
The White House comes back with this:

Cheryl Arvidson, assistant director of communications for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, the federal government’s oversight panel for the stimulus money, acknowledged the problems recipients are having reporting job counts.

 “Some people are going to be confused. Some people are manually entering data. We figured there would be innocent mistakes,’’ Arvidson said. “We anticipate that as we go forward . . . the data quality will be increasingly improved. We knew there was going to be a shake-out.’’
 The fact that even the Globe is starting to report on this clusterfuck is amazing to me and says that the Kool-Aid is finally starting to wear off.  The word is finally being spread and the lies that have been and continue to come out of the White House are being noticed, even within the fawning ranks of legacy media.

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