Monday, November 16, 2009

MORE bowing and scraping....

Once again Obama bows and scrapes to a foreign leader.  At least it was in Japan and the Japanese press were so embarrassed for him that they are refusing to run the pictures.  But the University of Connecticut Republicans have put together a nice montage of how one greets the Emperor of Japan and how (the) One should not greet the Emperor of Japan.

Truly, can they not get someone in the protocol office who can actually get some of this crap right??  I know better and I've never been to Japan.  Check out Allahpundit's Hot Air article as well and the commentary/trackback links for more.  His extreme bow made him (and through him our country) look weak and stupid.  If he'd ever watched The Last Samarai, Karate Kid, ANYTHING related to Japan he'd know better.

Bush's stomach issues are NOTHING compared to this.

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