Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lou Dobbs finally grew a pair...

Apparently last night was Lou Dobb's last night on CNN.  My thinking is that he couldn't stand the direction of liberal partisanship reporting done by the company and finally reached his last straw.  Liberal groups, such as the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, who had a hate-on for Dobbs since he was very clearly against granting citizen rights to illegals is rejoicing, as is Media Matters.  The quote from the president of Media Matters I think is quite telling:

"This is a happy day for all those who care about this nation of immigrants and believe in the power of media to elevate the political discourse," said Eric Burns, its president.
 My translation:  'we're really glad this guy is not going to be an on-air presence trying to be a voice of reason in a liberal world.  Now that he's gone, we can really control the message that the American public is receiving (even though Fox news is trouncing us on viewership)'.

I think that we'll be hearing more from Dobbs.  Here's his quote:

Dobbs said the decision came after months of discussion with CNN U.S. President Jon Klein. Dobbs mentioned his interest in issues such as health care, jobs, immigration, climate change and the wars.
 "Unfortunately, these issues are now defined in the public arena by partisanship and ideology rather than rigorous empirical thought and forthright analysis and discussion," he said. "I will be working diligently to change that as best I can."
 Nice to know that some people are actually voting with their feet when a situation becomes untenable.

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