Friday, November 27, 2009

Liberal wastefulness at its most basic

B pointed out this link from Insty this morning.  The gist of the article is that when good-meaning folks bring food to soup kitchens to feed the hungry, if those foods don't meet the restrictive nutritional standards that can only exist in a society where hunger is not endemic, then the shelters accept the food politely and throw it away (for having trans-fats).

Okay, so they are throwing out perfectly good food because of policy that was created due to ONE study that links trans-fats with heart disease (sounds like Climategate type thinking to me), but the thing that gets me is that they are not telling the nice people bringing the food that they can't use it and so those nice people will continue to bring the same food that will continue to be thrown away.  So there's even more waste. 

Some people were actually showing good sense in taking the food and using it for its purpose but the fact that the overarching legislation also affected emergency food shelters, makes it counterproductive and stupid.

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